Friday, June 15, 2012


thoughts fall like snowflakes
unique and
making heavy snow drifts
only to be melted
by the sun


Sri Sri Chimpanzee said...

Self-knowledge is not a goal. Self-knowledge is the experience and discovery of oneself from moment to moment, the discovery of truth from moment to moment. Truth is not continuous and is not bound from moment to moment. 'You', the limitation, [the Douche Bag] can never be unified with truth. 'You' [the Douche Bag] can never find truth. 'You' [the Douche Bag] must cease for truth to be. 'You' [the Douche Bag] are the limitation. So, you must understand the extent of your limitation and be passively aware of it. Then, into that passivity, truth comes into being.

So, we should understand the inward emptiness, the inward disease and corruption. No one can heal you inwardly and that is the miracle of it. A doctor can heal you outwardly; a psychoanalyst may make you normal to fit into a decaying society; but to go beyond, to be inwardly true, clear, uncorrupted - that you alone can do and no one else. This is the greatest miracle: to heal yourself [which is to kill the Douche Bag] completely [you must realize what a complete Douche Bag you are and be fed up.]

J. Krishnamurti
With douche bag notations by Sri Sri Chimpanzee (Douche Monkey)

Danamigo Bandito said...

How lovely to come across your blog.
May you find some warmness in my doodled scribbles of plaY.
i welcome you to share my link where/if appropriate. That would be lovelY.