Thursday, June 26, 2008


I was listening to the endless chatter of mind and could feel how it feels like a me doing the chattering. Then I could feel what it felt like to feel I had control over the chattering or the voice. I watched the belief that I am in control of the voice in my head. How it really feels to feel like there is an "I" who has control.

The whole me and control is bullshit . Its just another Santa clause! Just another experience taken to be real. This is really a cool thing.

And then to see that the" I knowing" is bullshit too.

And then to see that this entire post is all just more mind dream stuff.

And to see that the mind dream stuff is just more mind dream stuff .....

And I have a front row seat
the whole thing implode on itself, ......all day long!!!!


Randall Friend said...

Simply brilliant!

Ameeta said...

Nice one, Joe!

Nehemiah said...

:) beautifully put

Danamigo Bandito said...

How lovely to come across your blog.
May you find some warmness in my doodled scribbles of plaY.
i welcome you to share my link where/if appropriate. That would be lovelY.